saut dans le vide


Today I wanted to share a favorite art piece of mine. This is a photograph by Yves Klein, a French artist who rose to prominence during the early-mid 20th century. He is known for a variation of blue that he invented, dubbed “Klein blue”, and also for his various contemporary artworks. The photograph above is called “saut dans le vide”, which translates to “leap into the void”. I actually have the phrase tattooed on my right shoulder blade. The phrase has connections to several different things. For one, it reminds me to take leaps in life, even if it’s a giant jump into the unknown. The phrase also calls to mind this photograph, of course, from which I borrowed it. I love Klein’s expression of fearlessness and hope, even though he’s catapulting himself into thin air . The photo was created by first photographing Klein leaping from the top of the building on to a soft pad below, and then placing Klein’s airborne body in a photo of the scene without the landing pad. “Saut dans le vide” is also a line from a favorite song of mine, “Nara”, by alt-j. I think it’s important to pay attention to the deeper meanings behind works of art and song lyrics. Artists have strong messages to impart to their audience, and clever ways of doing so.

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