Weekly Inspiration: Robert Lange


Robert Lange is a hyperrealism artist whom I became familiar with in February when I attended a show at his art gallery in Charleston. I’ve been using oil paints since I was really young, and although I don’t paint hyper-realistically myself, I find this kind of work fascinating. I really admire the amount of skill, precision, and knowledge about paint and its behavior on a canvas that it takes to pull this style of painting off. These particular works of art relate to my passion for taking pictures because partial and full underwater photography is something I want to get into one day. I love the classic images of waves with a sunset poking through, and the clearest photos of water where you can see each and every drop clearly as they are flying through the air through the air. Underwater worlds have so much to offer in terms of beauty and color and visual interest. They make fantastic photo subjects, if you can afford the gear and spend the time learning how to shoot them. Lange’s paintings are done from such an interesting angle, and they look so realistic that at first glance one may think they were photographs. I think it’d be a lot of fun to try and reproduce this kind of watery scene with the lens of a camera.

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