This week I wanted to share one of my muses. Charlotte Abramow is a Belgian photographer whose work is pictured above. This particular project really caught my eye when I first saw it a couple of months ago, considering I’m currently doing a portraiture project with all female subjects and soft lighting. I absolutely love the way the photographer has lit her subjects in these photos. The extra diffused lighting with one side of the face in a bit more shadow than the other creates the pure, intimate mood  that I’m going for with my own photographs. The soft pastel colors enhance the vibe of these photos as well, and notice how each model is wearing a shirt or jacket with some sort of collar. (Everything written on Ms. Abramow is in French…. so unfortunately I don’t have the clearest understanding of the ideas and reasons behind this project.)  The conventional head-on portrait is not an easy project to tackle, as photographs with models posed this way often appear boring and expressionless, but I think Abramow nails it. The choices in lighting, wardrobe, and color scheme work together to create captivating works of art. To see the project how it was originally presented, check out her Instagram page:
She actually has these photos as short videos, with the models completely still except for blinking their eyes. Her other work is beautiful as well!

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