Compiling my best work

IMG_9082IMG_9520IMG_9610 copy

With graduation in a little over a month, I’ve been putting in extra time working in the studio and the labs to churn out a few last pieces of quality work before our print portfolios are due. I’ve been having a blast with my final series, BARE. This has turned out to be a big project, only some of which will be shown in class on the day of the final, and I’ve been thinking about trying to exhibit the entire thing somewhere (professor Weintraub put this idea into my head yesterday). The photos shown above are some of the ones that made it into my vis com portfolio. The radiantly naturally beautiful models in them are my best friend, Frances Foster, and her girlfriend, Alexis Frazier. I’ll be using different photos, with these models and more, for my final series. I’m still contemplating how I want to present my final series, but I’m leaning towards four or five individual profiles, with their best photos spread out in a collage, and the model’s name and a personal statement somewhere in the collage. I am picturing this as a feature in a beauty or fine art magazine. I’m having fun going through the pictures I’ve taken so far, and I look forward to finishing up my last couple of shoots and putting this project together at the end of the month.

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