Missing spring break….


I have just gotten around to editing a few of the photos I took during our Wild West adventure. Here are a few of them- one from Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, and two from the south rim of the Grand Canyon. A friendly stranger took the photo of the two of us, and I think she did a good job! I left my shooting mode on auto for most of the trip, because my first priority was to be there in the moment instead of messing with settings on my camera. We only had so much time in each place we went, and I wanted to soak it up as much as I could. I’ve photographed canyons and other rocky landscapes several times, and have learned from experience that all of the sunlight reflecting off of the pinnacles and mesas can make for very bright photos. But it’s amazing how just a little bit of toning and adjustment in Photoshop can make an otherwise overexposed and blown out photo look defined and contrasted.

Being out west with the love of my life made me all the more excited to move there one day. I love the beautiful natural landscape (so many photo ops), the accepting and tolerant culture, and the food (why is it so much better out there??), among other things! Forever grateful for this wonderful, adventurous woman and these opportunities to see the world with her.

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