The beginnings of Bare


I’ve always wanted to do a photography project showcasing natural female beauty. I hate the way women are portrayed in the media, from unobtainable beauty standards to limitations on what we can and can’t do with our bodies, personal lives, and career paths. This year I’ve been struggling to find my calling, and learning how to work in a professional lighting studio has definitely helped with that. I have found that I love photographing people in this setting, where I have complete control over the look and feel of the photos and can focus on creative display rather than journalistic story telling.

“Bare” is a project that I am putting together during my final semester of undergrad. I want to finish strong with something I am really proud of. I have had overwhelming interest in this project, and I’ve already photographed four lovely women. I plan to photograph many more, but for time’s sake probably only a few of them will make it into the package that I present as my final project. I will compile the rest of them in my portfolio, or maybe even in a separate book. I’ve decided to show a sneak peak of what I’m working on for my blog post this week. Pictured above is Mae, in a close-up, soft light portrait that I’m really proud of. Mae has been my favorite subject to photograph so far, as she is truly stunning with a completely bare face, and the camera was able to capture her innocence and beauty very well. I know Mae personally, but my other models so far have been strangers. It’s been a rewarding experience working with new people in this setting. I’m excited to continue with this project and see where it takes me.

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