Photo Practice with Maggie and Mo!


Last week, my roommate Maggie asked me to take a few professional photos of her for her resume. I happily obliged, and we had some fun afterwards taking goofy pictures and dressing my dog, Ramona (“Mo”), up like a flower child.  Maggie has a close relationship with Mo and treats her as if she were her own, and I’m very lucky to have a roommate who cares for my dog in such a loving way. I think these pictures of the two of them help capture their special bond. Ramona is an exceptionally good subject for photography, because she’s happy to be still and pose, and she will wear just about anything without complaint- even sunglasses! She also has an adorable smile, obviously. I often experiment with perspective and depth of field by taking portraits of Mo, playing with lighting and trying to get different areas of her face in focus. I probably take more pictures of my dog than anything else, although I think this is a common trend among dog-owners. I’m very grateful for my two best friends, and wanted to post their photos today as a symbol of companionship and a gesture of my appreciation and love.

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