More Inspiration


Kit and Oda King are a married couple who collaborate on incredible hyper-realistic paintings. Their work is certainly one of a kind, most often depicting the human form in various creative ways. The paintings are so amazingly done that one could easily mistake them for photographs, and people often do. I follow them on Instagram, and Kit’s work often gets removed by Instagram’s moderators- the “community guidelines” of Instagram state that paintings of nudity are acceptable to post, but photographs are not.

I respect and admire this couple because they have practically managed to create an entirely new genre of art. They have mastered hyperrealism, and the way that they depict their subjects with interesting line work and perspective amounts to an artistic style that has never been seen before. Most of their work illustrates the human form, and I especially appreciate their attempts to normalize the naked body. We live in a society where nudity is viewed as taboo- but why? No one should be made to fear or shame their anatomy… and yet the demonization of the naked human body is a strong undercurrent in our modern society. This is apparent in the aforementioned fact that Instagram repeatedly deletes Kit’s paintings, mistaking them for photographs. I’ve followed Oda and Kit for a while now, and I’ve been very excited to see their foothold in the art industry grow stronger over the past few years, with more and more followers and exhibits. Even though hyperrealism is very far from my personal style of art, I am inspired by their craftsmanship and the messages portrayed by their work.

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