Daily Inspiration



In today’s post I’d like to highlight one of my favorite artists, Jeremy Collins. He works with a number of mediums, but mostly pens and watercolors, to create artistic depictions of different facets of nature and modern social/political issues. He founded the outdoor clothing company Meridian Line, where his designs appear on t-shirts and other merchandise sold by several outdoor retailers such as REI and Half Moon Outfitters.

I think Jeremy’s work is an amazing display of creativity and activism. I follow his instagram (www.instagram.com/jercollins_com), which he regularly updates with new designs that often parallel the issues going on in the modern world. The buffalo/Native American piece posted above speaks on behalf of the Dakota Access Pipeline struggle, and the drawing of the faucet jammed into the planet Earth is an emotionally moving representation of most people’s blatant disregard of the fact that fresh water is a scarce and valuable resource.

As well as works of art showing the need for activism, Jeremy also creates on-the-spot paintings and drawings of mountainous scenery before him. I think this is an incredible talent to have, and it’s something I’d like to start practicing once I move somewhere that has many natural subjects to offer. I have a lot of appreciation for the originality of Jeremy’s style of line drawing, and the way he’s able to spread powerful messages through his art. He is definitely a strong source of inspiration for me, and I would like to begin to use my own creativity and passion for environmental issues to create art of a similar nature.

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