My Passion.

blogphotoIn my truest form I am a painter. Creating works of art with oil paints is my deepest passion. When I sit at my easel, no thoughts fill my mind, but rather, I am taken over by the unimpeded flow of joy and creativity that allows me to take a few globs of oil paint and turn them into a nature scene, an animal, or an abstract work that speaks for itself in colors, textures, and shapes. If I could spend every day tucked away in a little artist’s studio in a peaceful place surrounded by nature, I would.  Instead, though… I’m earning a practical degree in our society of practicalities. That’s not to say I don’t like what I’m learning in school, but everything I do comes second to the art of paintbrush on canvas.

The above photo is my most recent work. It was done upon paid request from a client, and I’m going to have to bid it a sad farewell next week as I pass it along to its new owner. I hope she enjoys the aesthetic benefit of having it up on her wall as much as I enjoyed the deeply spiritual process of painting it, star by tiny star.

One day I hope to be an art teacher. I want to teach middle schoolers how to tap into their creativity, which is so stifled by our modern education system. I want to provide an hour per day’s worth of creative experimentation to the budding minds of adolescents; an outlet into which they can pour all of their joys, frustrations, and dreams. The appreciation of art is dying a slow death in America, as our society becomes more and more mindless, industrialized, and driven by material gain, not to mention the recent government initiatives to defund the arts. My goal is to make art my life’s work, whether it be painting, photography, drawing, graphic design, or any number of other mediums. I want to spread the bliss and fulfillment that art provides, and hopefully get the chance to deeply touch and connect with other lives through my greatest passion.

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