La Luna


Taking moon shots is very difficult, as I soon found out when I was attempting to photograph the incredible Hunter’s Super Moon last October. The Super Moon rose on the night of my birthday, October 14th, which made for a very special 21st. I was in North Carolina at the time, on a camping trip with my boyfriend. We camped on top of a bald with so many other people who had come from all over to view the Super Moon from the perfect vantage point- it felt like some sort of night festival. It was magical. The moon rose, giant and orange, over the tops of the Appalachians lining the horizon. Hunter’s Super Moons look extra big (up to 50% bigger than normal) and have an orange tint because of the special location and path that they take across the sky. I only had a 70-200 mm lens, and it took me a good while to set up my tripod and figure out the exposure and focus, so I didn’t capture any great shots of the Super Moon in its prime as it was just starting to rise. This was one of my best shots, taken a few hours after the moon rise once I figured out the best settings to take photos of it. I’ve always been fascinated by the night sky. Star, moon, and planet photography is definitely something I’d like to add to my list of photography skills!

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