I Marched.




The weekend of Trump’s inauguration, January 20th, 2017, I drove to Washington, D.C. with one of my closest friends. Both of us had been shocked and emotionally drained by the election season. When we heard about the Million Women’s March, we knew immediately that it was something we needed to do. So Frances and I packed our bags, made a few calls to friends and acquaintances in the D.C. area, and made the eight-hour trek from Columbia to the White House to let our voices be heard.

The march was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. I was surrounded by thousands upon thousands of women, men, and children holding touching and creative signs stating their reasons for marching. People marched for women’s rights, for the environment, for immigration, for the welfare of the LGBTQ community, and most of all, for equality. Throughout the entire day, I didn’t witness a single episode of conflict or disagreement. Everywhere I turned, people were smiling and lifting one another up. We marched all day on the streets of Washington with other like-minded Americans, and I have never felt so empowered and unified with fellow citizens of this beautiful country.

I am a strong believer in the idea that the right to protest and speak out against injustice is at the core of a functioning democracy. I never expected to change the election results. But I refuse to sit back and passively accept the direction that America appears to be heading. I marched for all the marginalized groups of people throughout the world who feel that they cannot be heard. The Women’s March showed me that through love, unification, and the power of our voices, we can truly make an impact.

*photos were taken with my iPhone 6. I really wanted to bring my Canon along with me…but I was too worried that it would get stolen or broken.



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