My best friend.

img_3691-1Meet Ramona! She is my furry little angel whom I adopted about a year and a half ago, as soon as I moved out of a dorm and into my very first apartment. She may not look it, but I recently did a DNA test on her (Yes! You can buy these for your mutts! Check out and found that she is a Shih-tzu/Husky/Beagle/Bullmastiff mix. To say the least, Mo is certainly one of a kind. She’s sassy, spunky, sweet, and cuddly…. all I need in a best friend. As well as being a proficient lap dog, she’s the perfect camping and hiking buddy, and we try to get out there as often as we can. The picture above was taken at Max Patch near Hot Springs, NC (it’s our favorite place on the East Coast- so don’t tell anyone about it!). I don’t know how I’d get through college without my little pup. Just a fair warning- if you keep up with my blog, chances are you’ll become very well acquainted with sweet Ramona. She’s my favorite photo model, and my camera roll is filled with shots of her doing everything from running around outside to simply posing like the beauty she is. I’m forever thankful for my girl!

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